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It is popularly said that the only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor. The persistent creditor calls can be harassing and steal the peace of mind to hamper our productivity. Debt consolidation in Edmonton helps you to keep the pestering creditor calls at bay and help you to manage your finances in a better way. The shrewdly panned strategy for each of our client helps them to reduce their debts by 70% and allows you to keep all your prized possessions and other valuable assets without having to file for bankruptcy. 

Debt consolidation in Edmonton is in a constant surge to help its clients clear all the unsecured debts within 9 to 21 months and ensures that its clients have a fresh start to finances without having to worry about the debts. On the approval of your consumer proposal you are assured of not having to deal with the creditor calls and our Proposal Administrator attends and takes care of all your calls. The payment of all the unsettled debts is made to reduce and our proposal administrator makes efforts to borrow some more time to pay off the debts.

Filling for consumer proposal with debt consolidation in Calgary ensures that all the legal actions from the creditors are stopped on the immediate basis. All the unsettled debts like bank over drafts, credit and personal loans, income tax, federal and provincial student loans to name a few fall under the ambit of consumer proposal and are consolidated with the help of experts at the debt consolidation firm in Calgary. For all those wondering who can file for consumer proposal; anyone can apply for a consumer proposal whose debt does not exceed more than $250,000.

The benefits of filling for consumer proposal are many and varied. But the real strategy lies in planning and budgeting your finances well before a need arises to file a consumer proposal or for bankruptcy. The debt consolidation expert in Edmonton helps its clients to maintain a fine balance between the income ratio and expenditure ratio. By the widely preached rule, it is always safe to spend less than what you earn and save funds for any future emergency that might arise. Fixing the credit rating and improving its score is also one of the major aspects to prevent you from any kind of debts. Ensuring to pay the credit card bills on time and no

Over the years, the debt consolidation in Edmonton has harnessed the trust of numerous of its clients and their testimonials are a proof enough of the relentless service we offer and strive each day to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We are just a call away to serve you, have our executives come to your house and help you manage your debts and protect your assets to make a fresh start with a clean slate in no time.