Accredited Business

Accredited Business


Calgary: (403) 337-4000

Edmonton South: (780) 666-2600

Edmonton North: (780) 666-2600

Lloydminster: (780) 666-2600

Surrey: (778) 800-9957

All Office Fax: (780) 666-9721

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: By Appointment


Edmonton: (780) 666-2600
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Let us bridge the gap and help you clear your debt

If you are in  Lloydminster, Calgary, Edmonton or in Surrey region, facing serious debt problems and would like to Book a Free Consultation with one of our Licensed Debt Professionals – or would like to find out more about the Debt Management, Consumer Proposal, Debt Consolidation, Personal Bankruptcy, Credit Counseling or Corporate Insolvency services we offer Please, Contact Us – We Can Help.

Credit 720

(Alberta & Saskatchewan)
Unit 101, 4802 -50th Avenue,
Lloydminster, AB T9V 0W5
Phone: 403.337.4000 & 780.666.2600

Office Hours 
Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: By Appointment

This location is easily accessed on the corner building at 50 ave and 48 st.

There’s also lots of street parking available.