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Payday Loans

Trapped in a cycle of debt with Payday Loans? We can help you find relief from Payday Loans. Our debt experts can help you find a path out of the debt you owe!


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(403) 337-4000

(780) 666-2600

(778) 800-9957

(647) 775-0708

(780) 666-2600

Payday Loans

What Is a Payday Loan? Who Opt for It & Why?

Retailers with daily income, daily waged labor, or professionals can enjoy the privilege of a payday loan when looking for immediate cash as a payday sum. The borrower will write a postdated check to the lender for a payday salary but obtains a part of the payday amount in immediate cash from the lender.

Payday loans are advantageous because it is easy to access, has fewer requirements, and has a 14-day cooling-off period. However, it typically costs 400% annual interest rate with finance charges from $15-30 to borrow $100.

How To Get Relief from Payday Loan?

Of course, a payday loan seems a lucrative option for an immediate cash requirement, but its high charges, fees, and interest rates can create a fatal debt cycle for a borrower who is caught in and doesn’t have proper guidance to get out of it. The debt cycle begins when you borrow one more payday loan to pay the previous payday.

Credit720 is an expert team of payday loan consultants who can guide you to get relief from payday loans in Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, and Alberta, Canada.

Seeking a Debt Consolidation Loan for Payday Debt Relief:
If you have borrowed money from different payday loan companies and are trapped in a debt cycle, Credit720 can help you find a debt consolidation loan. Our payday debt consultants help you find a loan with lower interest rates and payment options from a single lender. We consider your income, frequencies, and expenses before negotiating the debt consolidation process.

Debt Settlement with Payday Loan Relief Assistance:
Our payday loan consultants can provide payday loan relief assistance by playing an intermediary role in debt settlement. We act as a third-party service and negotiate for the best interest rates and payment terms favoring your circumstances.

Debt Management and Credit Counseling by Creit720:
We are the best among the best payday loan relief companies to guide you for the best payday loan relief programs offered in Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Toronto, Surrey & other regions in Canada.

Moreover, our credit counselors can help you prepare a viable and feasible debt management program, considering your repayment capacity and income schedule. We also suggest generating more income, increasing your savings, and getting help from various federal and state programs to reduce your debt burden.

Apart from this, we also help you find reputable lenders befitting your repayment schedule.

Payday Loan Debt Help

We run a helpline to offer payday loan debt help round-the-clock to our patrons in Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Toronto, Surrey & other regions in Canada. You can connect with our team and get immediate guidance from our expert and experienced counselors.