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A hundred wagon loads of thoughts will not pay a single ounce of debt, says an Italian Proverb. If you sit and loath over the debts and not take any action, the debts are not going to reduce and it will only multiply ten folds. In order to effectively settle the debts and not run into another, it is always advisable to take timely measures for debt settlement. Filling for a consumer proposal is one of the primary measures that prevent one from filing for a bankruptcy and initiate debt negotiations with the creditors.

Filling for consumer proposal reduces the debt by 70% and help clients to retain their valuable assets with having to make even a slightest of the compromise. The major benefit of the personal credit counselling services is the consumer proposal enables to borrow more time from the creditors to pay the debts off. The amount to be repaid is also negotiated by our team of experts and every effort is made to ensure that no taxes are accumulated on the principal amount of debt. Our team of experts handles all the pestering calls of the creditors so that our clients do not face any trouble.

Debt negotiations also prevent any legal action being taken by the creditors including the Canada Revenue Agency. Consumer proposal enables our clients to initiate a small amount of monthly payment rendered interest free. Once the consumer proposal is accepted, it becomes a binding contract with the creditors and they have to agree to the abiding terms. Consumer proposal also fosters to retain an individual’s credit ratings.

The benefits of consumer proposal are many and varied. It helps to consolidate all the unsecured debts. Debts such as that arising from credit cards, bank overdrafts, Personal Loans, Payday Load advances, Federal and Provincial student loan and many more. Anyone whose debts does not exceed by $250,00 is eligible to apply for filling a consumer proposal. The next step that follows is maintaining a fine balance between income and the expenditure ratio so that all the chances of running into a debt are nullified. Our team of financial experts ensure to chart a bespoke budget that analysis all your income and expenditure sources and help you save enough money for the uncalled for adverse situations.

Having a fine balance between the income and the expenditure yet saving enough money adds on to increase the credit rating of an individual that can help them further to take credit if and whenever necessary. We work for our clients and not the creditors and it is the trust and loyalty instilled by our clients in us that inspires us to work hard each day and serve them better. We are in a constant surge to prevent our clients from filing for bankruptcy at every given point in time. Debt consolidation loan is one of our services that our clients swear by and we take pride in helping them.