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Accredited Business

Accredited Business

Debt Consolidation
Calgary & Edmonton Region


Keep your CAR, HOME, and RRSPs
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Get the largest DEBT REDUCTION that is fair

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At Credit 720, we provide Debt Consolidation service in Calgary & Edmonton Region, Made it easy with the financial counselling services.

Consolidating a debt requires a well thought plan and a team of experienced financial advisers who have years of experience in dealing with the debt related crisis. Under the guidance of the counselling services, our clients are assured of a reduction of 70%-75% of their debt and ease the pressure of meeting the financial criteria in fulfilling the debt.

What are the ways of debt consolidation?

Of the many ways that exist in the domain, the most effective one is to apply for a consumer proposal. Applying for a consumer proposal is the first step followed by its acceptance by the official concerned authorities. Once the consumer proposal is accepted, it equips our clients with the power to borrow more time to repay the debt. The amount to be re-paid is also brought down to a minimum so that our clients do not face any trouble with the creditors. Our financial expert takes care of all the pestering creditor calls and ensures that our clients are not harassed in any way. Care is taken to prevent the payment of any interest being gathered on the principal amount to be paid. All of these seemingly minute measures add up to saving a lot of troubles to our clients and help them to retain their valuable assets like car, house, RRSPs and many more.

What type of debts are covered while consolidation a debt?

Debts incurring from credit cards, bank overdrafts, personal lines of credit, all types of loans, payday loan advances are just a few of the debts that are covered once our client files for a consumer proposal. Certain debts like personal income tax, source deductions and GST debt revenue are also crucially taken care of. When a multitude of debts is covered in a consumer proposal, our clients are assured to have consolidated their debts to the maximum possible extent. Few debts arising from the re-possessed car or home and federal & provincial student loan fall under the ambit of debt consolidation in Calgary & Edmonton Region.

Adopting various strategies to consolidate a debt prevents our clients from filling for bankruptcy and saves them from the perils of bankruptcy. Take wise measures to consolidate the debts and lead a life that is free from worry and improve the credit ratings to have a better financial outlook of the high score of excellent credit ratings.